UKbride Member Request 15 Jul 2019

Order of the day

I am due to get married in 5 weeks and I have been informed that I should have a board of order of the day out the front for the guests, some people say this should be done, others agree that one wouldn’t be needed, I was wondering if this something that needs to be done?

Sophie Brearley
Sophie Brearley 1 Aug 2019

It is your day, you have what you want for the day. If you want an open more informal and relaxed day, don’t put one up. If you want some form of order, you could put one out. It’s entirely your call on this one and how you see your day going ☺️

Christine Paxman
Christine Paxman 6 Aug 2019

I had this discussion with my h2b the other day, I don't think we should have one but he does. At the end of the day its entirely up to you and your h2b and no one else.


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