Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 12 Jul 2019

Wedding guests

I am looking for opinions please. Me and my OH have written a rough guest list and have set a limit for approx 70 guests for the day. i work with a lovely bunch of ladies who i think of as my second family and want to invite them all (6 in total) my partner thinks its rude if i dont invite there partners as well. i have spoken to the ladies and they disagree, they are all good friends and wouldn't mind coming with out there partners. but now part of me feels guilty and thinks that i should give them a plus 1. One of my main concerns is seating, our venue can fit 9 to a table so would have to split them up. an option i thought would be a good idea was to invite the plus ones to the evening? this is driving me mad ... has anyone experienced anything similar and what would your advice be in this situation ?

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 16 Jul 2019

I've invited the people I work with without partners for day but have said for evening they can come as there is 10 of them and our table fits 10 people so perfect fit. They understand with numbers and Cost. People understand as long as you speak to them.

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 16 Jul 2019

Thanks Hayley x


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