UKbride Member Request 11 Jul 2019


Hi, We are getting married in a Hotel, They are doing the full day, so me, my chief bridesmaid and mum are staying in the hotel the night before and then me and h2b will have the bridal suit on the night so I myself don’t need transport but my h2b will be coming from our house with he's best man and 1 groomsmen, we looked at 1 car but for just one trip which is only 10 minutes up the road it’s still like £200. H2b said he doesn’t need transport but......, what’s the transport situation for the Groom etc. Thank you.

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 16 Jul 2019

me and my h2b were just talking about this same thing. im staying at the venue the night before the wedding and he will be staying at home. I will be driving there, 1. so i can make sure i have everything in the car and 2, we will then have our car left at the venue until the day after the wedding. my h2b will be staying with his best man and dad so he will get a lift there. i dont see the point in hiring a car as he will be at the venue before anyone else and i'll already be there. also were having a honey moon later on in the year so will be going home the day after the wedding. hope this helps in some way.


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