Jennifer Wolf
Jennifer Wolf 8 Jul 2019

Flowers and bouquets

Hello all fellow B2B! I'm struggling with the fact that Bridal bouquets often are priced £100 - £150! Plus bridesmaids, buttonholes etc the prices just seems ridiculous when you can pick up a normal bouquet for £10 in any supermarket. Did any of you do their own bouquets and if so when did you prep them so they still look fresh on the wedding day? Or did anyone just used artificial flowers? Saw some online which look really nice!

UKbride Member 9 Jul 2019

Hi I make bouquets and button holes, I'm going to be making my own too for my wedding day next year, I only use artificial flowers, I think they look more lovely and they are a keep sake

Hayley Georgina
Hayley Georgina 14 Jul 2019

I'm absolutely making my own - with artificial flowers. Before I started planning my wedding I honestly would have sneered at the idea, but now I've gone artificial all the way! Centre pieces from The Range and I've been buying bouquet items from all over the place - TK Maxx has been particularly great quality and value! I'm so pleased I'll be able to keep them for longer :) x

Lucy Carter
Lucy Carter 15 Jul 2019

I am going to be using artificial flowers, that way they can be kept as a memoir aswell

Claire Mceachran
Claire Mceachran 29 Jul 2019

Do you want real ones cause if you don't go on an app called wish and you can get fantastic ones on there


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