UKbride Member Request 5 Jul 2019

Videographer or not?

I am debating whether to have a videographer at our wedding. Is it worth the extra money? Also, what is the average cost of a photographer? Any info will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 9 Jul 2019

We was not going to have one but have now decided to. Least with a video you get more memories and can actually see stuff you may have missed.

Photographer can be about £1000

You can get multi packages with firms. Go to wedding fairs to you see their work and they may offer discount

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 16 Jul 2019

all of my married friends have said to get a videographer. the ones that did love watching it every so often to remind them of their day and the ones that didn't deeply regret it.


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