UKbride Member Request 20 Jun 2019

Bridesmaid issues!

Hi, I am having issues with one of my bridesmaids. I have 4 in total, 3 are being amazing and helpful, 1 is not. She does not respond to any messages about the hen do, dress fittings or even show any interest in the wedding. I think she thinks it is just a title, free dress and make up etc. She shows no effort to help out. I am considering telling her she is no longer a bridesmaid, she is more then welcome to still come to the wedding but i don't feel she deserves to be up there with me on our day. My wedding is 3 months away, what do I do? She is the grooms family, so I do not want to cause any issues with anyone else.

Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce 21 Jun 2019

I am not sure, perhaps speak to your partner to see if he can approach the situation. She might not want to be a bridesmaid, or she might not realize what she is meant to do as one.


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