UKbride Member Request 3 Jun 2019


Just curious...did anyone have to chase for RSVP's? And how did you go about this?

UKbride Member 5 Jun 2019

Haven’t gotten to the RSVP before date yet, but I’ve included a response notelet and stamped address envelope, so I’m hoping to avoid that - how about a little postcard reminder saying something like “don’t forget to respond by ...... or we can’t include you in our special day” - simple, polite but direct xx

Kelsey Todd
Kelsey Todd 8 Jun 2019

I had put an envelope with our address on with a 1st class stamp in there so I didn't think I would have to chase. I was wrong. I still hadn't had all of the RSVP's one month to go before the wedding (6 months after they had received the invites) so I messaged them on Facebook and asked if they had had a chance to send back the RSVP because "a few have gotten lost in the post" (this was a lie) and then people replied to me. If it was a yes I just asked them to let me know if any dietary requirements then. It was annoying but we got there haha

Georgina Youé
Georgina Youé 9 Jun 2019

I’m planning to do a website for RSVP

Carly Pye
Carly Pye 11 Jun 2019

I've asked peoole to reply to an email address

Conelia Dlamini  dixon
Conelia Dlamini dixon 13 Jun 2019

Havent gotten to the RSVP stage yet. Hoping to chase via email to get final count.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 28 Jun 2019

I haven't sent any invitations out yet I get married next july and will send out this december I will put an RSVP date on for a good 3 months before then I can chase up anybody who doesnt reply I've seen invitations that say if you dont RSVP then bring a chair and sandwich you could always add that as an polite joke xx making sure people reply xx


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