UKbride Member Request 28 May 2019

HELP! Where does everyone get ready??

Help, Help, Help! my fiancé and I have quite complicated families.... I have both parents and a step parent on each side but my step dad and real dad really don't get along (although they promised to be nice for the wedding) and my fiancé hasn't spoken to his dad since he was 5, his brother is a groomsman, he is really close to his mum and is sister hates weddings. We are getting married in the town where I grew up and where my mum, step dad and brother still live. I am getting ready in a bridal prep suite at our venue but I'm really stuck as to where everyone else should get ready! This is also further complicated but the fact we are getting married at 1pm and so the prep will be quite a long part of the day and we have 2 photographers, one for my prep and one for his. I don't want anyone to feel left out but also don't want anyone falling out or feeling uncomfortable. I'm stuck between telling everyone to suck it up and get ready where I want them to, asking everyone where they would prefer and trying to organise a compromise (although I could really do without that added stress) or just telling everyone to decide amongst themselves and just let whatever happens happen. I'm sure I can't be the first person with complicated blended/ non-traditional families to have had this issue and any help would be appreciated as my wedding anxiety likes to cling on to this stupid little things and make them big issues in my head. TIA :)

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 May 2019

Let them sort themselves out all you need to worry about is you and your h2b surely there old enough to act respectfully and sort them selves out xx


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