UKbride Member Request 28 May 2019

Uninterested Bridesmaid

How do you deal with bridesmaids that don't seem interested in the wedding? I'm not asking her to help out with anything or organise anything but seems like whenever I bring up the wedding she gets annoyed or doesn't care at all

UKbride Member 5 Jun 2019

Just ask her simply if she’s still happy to be part of your wedding party or if she’d prefer to be a guest... you can add that she doesn’t seem too interested to date and ask her if she is happy to be part of your entourage, would she like some specific duties or is she happy to just be there to support you on the day... she may be feeling left out in the ‘wedding race’ ladies get caught up in, and is finding it difficult to be excited for you when she’s feeling miserable for herself... she might just be uninterested in weddings in general... don’t expect anything from her except her support on the day, there’s no obligation for anyone to feel excited other than yourself and G2B, but if she’s actually making you miserable, you do need to tackle her about it politely and decide if you really want the added stress - good luck xxx


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