UKbride Member Request 27 May 2019


Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has felt the same has me. So I've got my wedding dress, i felt amazing in it and do love it. It's not the kind if dress i thought i would go with either. I did try on a dress that was the dress i thought was my dream dress, didn't feel quiet right init. But I'm not wondering if the dress I've got is going to make my H2B think wow! I mean its a very plain dress but it's beautiful, very me. But i want him to have the wow factor as well. Advice ... please xx

Jodie Blythe
Jodie Blythe 28 May 2019

Of course he will ❤️ I’m sure you would loooking stunning in anything you wear but especially on your wedding day you always have that extra glow xx

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 May 2019

im sure what ever you walk down the isle in will wow your husband at the end of the day hes not marrying you for your fashion choices but whats on the inside xx

Shannon Fox
Shannon Fox 29 May 2019

I thought the same when I brought my dress, but if he thinks I’m beautiful in my scruffs I’m sure he’ll be over the moon to see me on my wedding day, I’m sure your h2b will be proud on the day and every day after!x

Georgina Youé
Georgina Youé 9 Jun 2019

If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful! I think it’s totally normal to over think about the dress, I haven’t bought mine yet at I’m already worrying!


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