Joanna F
Joanna F 18 May 2019

Hair comb with veil

Hi everyone, I have a veil but also want to wear something in my hair. I was wondering if you can wear a veil as well as a hair comb like this one, just with it essentially being 2 combs (my hair will be up) Thanks ????

A member uploaded image

Victoria Keeling
Victoria Keeling 20 May 2019

Yes you could wear it above the veil or to the side. Most brides I know only wear the veil during ceremony. So it will be a great piece either way, it's absolutely stunning x

Helen White
Helen White 20 May 2019

Yes you absolutely can wear both. If you’re having your hair done professionally they will have encountered this loads and can advise best way of achieving it with your hair do. Personally I had my hair up and pinned the veil underneath, and had a beautiful hair drape at the top. Took the veil out after the meal but the decoration could be in all night.

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Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 May 2019

im sure you can you can have the clip above the viel if you talk to you hairdresses and take both veil and clip to your trial the will advise xx


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