Natasha Picton
Natasha Picton 17 May 2019

Choosing bridesmaids

Hi all, I have just started planning my wedding and H2B has asked 4 friends to be bestman! I have 2 bridesmaids at the moment. (I hate the fact it is uneven). We have been told by H2B's mother that future BIL (16yo) would be upset if he wasnt included in the wedding, which is fine, we've assigned him the usher role, along with my 2 younger brothers (17 and 21yo). HOWEVER, this leaves out H2B sister (20yo)!!! I didn't want a humongous bridal party. To me, this means having to buy another 2 bridesmaids dresses etc (got to be even). We are trying to keep costs as low as possible whilst still having a glamorous day. I am scared that the more bridesmaids I have, the more opinions I will have to accommodate. I am not close to future SIL nor do we have anything in common. Any advice!?!? I have thought that SIL could be our MUA but I am stubborn and picky and would rather do my own make up (same with bridesmaids). Only been engaged for 3 weeks and already stressing!



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