Stacey Gill
Stacey Gill 13 May 2019

Anxious people, you'll be fine

I would say "the last thing I want to say is" but I'm sure I'll think of more hahaha Any brides that suffer with depression and anxiety, I do too and thought that on the day i would be a big bag of nerves. The weirdest feeling came over me on my wedding day, one that I didn't think existed for me. Absolute calm. I was sat making bathbombs the morning of my wrong feeling every bit of calm and loving it. Everyone else however wad really stressed out, every little thing went wrong for then and I was helping to calm them down as fix it. Yes I kept forgetting what I was meant to be doing...I was going to go and get something, here let me see that up for you. Oh I need to go and get my jewellery..... what's that your striking with your dress, allow me to zip that up for you. I honestly never thought I could feel such calm. Yes the darts leading upto it are stressful, so much to do, not enough time. But as soon as your venues are decorated and there's a plan in place for everything you do just relax and feel so calm because the excitement of marrying the person you love is much more than any depression or anxiety will ever be. Good luck to you all on your wedding days x



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