Stacey Gill
Stacey Gill 13 May 2019

Heroes got my wedding

Not a question, I had my wedding 2 days ago and I'm so incredibly happy with both the day venue and the evening venue. But I feel like I really need my story to be heard for all your brides to be. I had three major set backs and by the end of it my wedding could not have been more perfect. With each set back I turn to Facebook, I posted in all my local groups such as freegle, sell and seeks etc. The first setback was my evening venue. After my evening venue cancelled on me, Liam, the owner of the custom house (barrow-in-furness) got in touch with me and said "come in have a look around and we will do whatever we can to help make it a great night for you, if you're interested." The decor is stunning, elegant and perfect for the occasion. With having the main restaurant as our eating, drinking and chatting room, we had access to the cellar which we had as our "games room. The venue have recently done a cocktail bar that they turned into a fun and trendy dancing area, which most people didn't want to leave. To top it off we were also given access to the play zone area for the kids to go and burn of all the sugar fuelled energy of the sweet table we set up. The staff were so lovely, fun loving and went above and beyond such as: Simon (the absolute legend that took care of everything) who not only had such a calm demeanour about everything, took everything in his stride and anytime anything seemed to be a problem he had x,y & z solutions. We gave our guests bottle balancers as wedding favours, Simon grabbed some fun looking bottles, stuffed some lights inside and had them balancing all over the venue, when all I requested was a couple of empty wine bottles (got so much more, looked so much better). I'm afraid I didn't get the ladies name that was present when I discussed with Simon about cutting the cake. I asked Simon if they had any cake cutting knives he showed me a couple of chef knives (I was more than happy to use) as I lived away I didn't want to buy some and then have the stress of one more thing to remember. His colleague then came over and said, "I have some from my wedding, you're more than welcome to use." Unfortunately I personally didn't get chance to taste the food (until the next day which was still very tasty) but all of my guests were raving at how amazing the food was, especially how the chef made a separate table of gluten free and vegan food. My GF and V friends were very happy about this as they don't usually get such a selection. So from the bottom of my heart I would like to say a huge, well done and thank you for hosting your first wedding and making it a huge success of fun and laughter. Could not have been any happier with the service. Then my hair stylist let me down, so I messaged my makeup artist (who my friend had recommended) who was so lovely and friendly, (Becca from zest also in Barrow-in- Furness) she did any amazing job with all our makeup, made us feel so incredibly relaxed (considering none of us actually wear a lot of makeup we thought we'd feel awkward beyond caked in it) the make up was so light and the we barely noticed we were wearing any. Anyway, I message Becca and asked if she also does hair, she said unfortunately she does not but she has 5 costs who do. I messaged the shop on messenger and they asked me to ring the shop and ask for Amy. I spoke to Amy got booked in for a trial, loved my hair, but I want 100% set on it, so I went in for another trial loved this one for the day then when the wedding day came around we just went with a whole different style that I loved the most. Then three days before the wedding my dj let me down, but once again with the help from Facebook, I had a new one hired within an hour. I long time family friend called Keith Wilkie messaged me and bless him even though he usually charges a little more, he honoured the price of the original dj and saved my day. These superstars deserve recognition. Thank you to all of you x



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