Alina Barrett
Alina Barrett 12 May 2019

My bridesmaids live all over the country - how to I shop for a dress for them?

So I have 5 bridesmaids and one junior. They live all over the country (and one lives out in NZ). So how do I go about choosing a dress for them? I would love to take a day to take them shopping to pick one out and for them to try lots of dresses on but it will be near to impossible for them to all be available to meet up. I don’t want to just take one or two for fear of the others feeling left out or not liking what we pick (what works for two may not work for others). Do I send pictures before we buy to absentees? Or do I coordinate the whole thing online?

Leanne Maris
Leanne Maris 13 May 2019


Christine Morton
Christine Morton 18 May 2019

I would ask them all how they would like to go about it, how they would feel about only a couple of them trying dresses on, everyone keeps telling me that it's my day and they should just put up with what I pick, but I want my bridesmaids to be happy with the final choice, that we will make together, good luck hun xx


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