UKbride Member Request 8 May 2019

Advice on unruly Family members

Can this please be posted to Facebook and remain anonymous. Calling all brides! Family from my mothers side have advised they won’t be attending. Here’s why. I picked my bridesmaids, my two sisters and my two closest cousins (my mums sisters daughters) I also asked my mums brothers daughter to be my flower girl. I’ve always been closer to the two cousins from my mums sister than I have my mums brothers children. I asked the my uncle and aunt (mums brother and wife) if I could ask their child my little cousin to be a flower girl and they were happy. I advised them we would all have a dinner to celebrate and I would be doing all of my proposals for wedding party over this dinner. The dinner came and we are all at a restaurant and I ask my bridesmaids, flower girl and page boy, everyone happy, or so it seemed. My uncle ( mums brother) has another daughter of 15 years old who got really upset she wasn’t included. I don’t have the relationship with her as I do my other cousins as I grew up with them. I don’t have the budget to include more people and I didn’t want to have to look after anyone on the morning of or include any children really in the wedding party as I wanted all my bridesmaids to be able to come to my hen night etc. I found out my uncle and aunt were furious during dinner, telling people it was a joke she wasn’t asked, wanted to leave halfway through, and have now said they won’t be attending. I’ve not meant to upset anyone, I picked my bridesmaids on who I was closest to, my h2b is having four groomsmen and I was having four bridesmaids that was always the plan as that was what we budgeted for as we are looking after every cost for our wedding party, from dress to shoes hair and makeup, suits, and suites in the venue the night before. I’m upset that they have made me feel bad for my choice and I feel like they are being selfish and should educate their daughter if she was upset and that not everyone can be included. I don’t know what to do. My uncles wife has removed me from Facebook after pulling me up about everything which I stood my ground on and the 15year old has removed me from Facebook and told other family members she “won’t be doing and doesn’t care” I’m stressed, I’m emotional but am I wrong? Was I wrong?



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