UKbride Member Request 8 May 2019

Dress shopping

I’m so upset. So currently I am getting married at the end of next year (2020), so I am currently looking at dresses. I believe I have found the ONE! Which I found with my mum. I thought it would be nice to take my MIL & SIL with her daughters (my bridesmaids so far). I’ve not yet decided if I want anymore bridesmaids. I’ve since asked my MIL & SIL if they would like to come with me to re-try the dress on and they just don’t seem interested whatsoever! I’m getting blunt responses, or just very selfish ones asking how they would get there (as they don’t drive) which has just completely taken the shine off it for me. I’m a very selfless person, so this one little thing of buying the dress was the only thing that would be about me. I feel like normal people would show a lot more interest and so at least some excitement / gratitude for being invited - or is that just me? Maybe I’m being too sensitive? But I’ve just decided not to bother now and just to go with a friend or go again with my mum, (who isn’t happy with the cost of the dress I want). Just feel like it’s exhausting!! The in-laws kicked off about when my other SIL didn’t involve her in anything with her wedding, but as I am, I just feel like; what is the point!!

Rachel Hoskins
Rachel Hoskins 8 May 2019

We're also getting married next year (September) and I've got my dress too! I have had this with two of my bridesmaids, I'm putting it down to it being so far away that they aren't getting the excitement, although my MOH and other bridesmaid are very excited. Its hard isn't it, especially when you want everyone to feel as excited as you xx


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