UKbride Member Request 3 May 2019

Should I invite her?

I am in need of some opinions and non biased advice. Myself and my H2B have a very good friend, we see him around twice a week, as we train in a sports club with him. I really want him to come to our wedding for the whole day, however his wife hates me and isn’t shy about showing it. She has made it blatantly obvious that she dislikes me from the day she met me (I hadn’t done anything for her to dislike me, she just decided I am the devil). It wouldn’t be too much of an issue if we never saw her but unfortunately my H2B works in the same small company as her. We were invited to the evening do of their wedding (through gritted teeth on her part no doubt) so I dont know whether It is ok to only invite him and not her. On numerous occasions she has talked about me behind my back, spread rumours and called me some very colourful names (to colleagues of my H2B). Her mother also decided to start shouting at me at their wedding (I think she just wanted me gone). It’s a very difficult situation, I really want my firmed there but fear if I don’t invite his wife that he won’t come at all. I am sorry this has been so long but I could really use some opinions from people who are completely unbiased. Thanks x

Lucy Carter
Lucy Carter 3 May 2019

You have to remember that it's your day so what you want goes. But have you considered having a quiet word with your friend and just breaching the subject with him? He might have an input which could solve the issue or you can get his look on it before making the decision.

Caitlin Shanahan
Caitlin Shanahan 4 May 2019

That’s a good idea, I will have a talk with him before we send our engagement party invitations out. Thank you x

Katie Little
Katie Little 6 May 2019

And if the above doesn’t work out, can you blame it on the budget? Say you have a set amount of people who can attend your wedding and you have to prioritise close friends and family. You don’t need to worry about her on your wedding day! You have enough to plan and deal with X

Steph Carey
Steph Carey 16 May 2019

In my opinion love counts for more than hatred- your friend is so important and you wouldn't want your special memories without him there and he'll be so much happier with his wife there too. Maybe leave her our of the pictures though!


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