Nicola Turner
Nicola Turner 2 May 2019

Tweed suit hire

Hey, my H2B wants tweed suits for his groomsmen and himself. Been looking around and can’t find any that are less than £100+ a suit so would be around £600+ for him and the 5 groomsmen which seems a bit steep! Is there anywhere anyone recommends

Lettisha Holness
Lettisha Holness 2 May 2019

Have you thought about hiring??

Kirstine Blackwell
Kirstine Blackwell 6 May 2019

Moss Bros, hire tweed suits. not sure on pricing, but you do get one free if you order 5. hiring may be the answer.

Steph Carey
Steph Carey 16 May 2019

Have you tried slaters? They're in Norwich and for most formal wear they seem pretty reasonable- I'll be honest I haven't looked at their tweed though.


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