Hayley Grimes
Hayley Grimes 2 May 2019

Mudic sdvice needed

Hii everyone, this song fits our relationship perfectly and means a lot to us. Makes us smile everytime. Its not very traditional so arent sure how to include it into the weddung. Has anyone any suggests on a way of using it. Thanks guys https://youtu.be/zsmUOdmm02A

Caitlin Shanahan
Caitlin Shanahan 3 May 2019

Why not have it as the next song after your first dance (that is if you are having one). Myself and my fiancé are doing this with a song by Bowling for Soup (the bitch song). We love it and really want to use it in the wedding but maybe not first dance material 😆You can invite the rest of the wedding party to come dance with you during it or keep it just you two. X


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