Lisa Jennings
Lisa J 1 May 2019

Registry office

Hi Guys, im getting married in July next year, we have booked a registry office, Is it ok to still wear the big white dress and have bridemaids?

Maria Lorite Valiente
Maria Lorite Valiente 1 May 2019

Of course yes, is your big day!

Michelle Mingaud
Michelle Mingaud 5 May 2019

Yes alot of brides now have the big white dress

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 7 May 2019

Of course it's your day

Holly Glanfield
Holly Glanfield 10 May 2019

Yes! It’s your special day.

Alice Louise
Alice Louise 12 May 2019

Absolutely !!! It’s ur special day so fill ur boots xxx

Leanne Maris
Leanne Maris 13 May 2019

Yes of course

Sarah Reeves
Sarah Reeves 19 May 2019

You have what you and your partner want xxx enjoy your planning and your day


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