Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes 30 Apr 2019

Wedding Account

I am getting married in 2021. My H2B and I are looking to set up a wedding account to save money but also to pay out anything wedding related. Can anyone recommend a good bank for this? One with cash back and rewards would be ideal.

Maria Lorite Valiente
Maria Lorite Valiente 30 Apr 2019


I have a joint account in Lloyds and they give cashback and interest payings every month :)
I hope it helps

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 May 2019

we started a savings account in my h2bs bank hsbc because he had enough money going in to be an advance customer its locked for a year and we get 5% interst but we are putting 150 in the bank and 50 in the house so we can pay deposits we were orginlly getting married 2021 so had 3 years to save but have since brought it forward a year still saving for 3 but lending of dad till the saving account finishes 2021 xxx


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