Emma Marsh
Emma Marsh 28 Apr 2019

Is it worth it?

Currently getting so wound up over guest lists... We only have 45ish "true" guests. I can add about another 15/20 but it would just be people I never see and haven't bothered for years. Most venues seem to want 50 guests and I'm not happy to pay for 10 peoples food just to make a venue happy. Is it actually worth having the damn event now? Or does anyone know anywhere in Wigan or Manchester that would cater for 30 - 40 for a wedding venue meals.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 1 May 2019

Have who you want I'm sure you will find a venue to accommodate x you don't want to spend money on people who you don't really have much to do with now xx

Shannon Yates
Shannon Yates 2 May 2019

Dont worry . Its ur day and you should be happy with the event no matter what. It's not about who is there it's the importance of the day marrying your best friend

Kimberley Joyce
Kimberley Joyce 20 May 2019

Yep know what you mean! I have a few family members who I don't see and haven't seen in years! One which hasn't even met my kids! Lol so we're only sending an evening invite x


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