UKbride Member Request 26 Apr 2019

In-laws and suits

I'm not sure how to handle this particular situation. MIL2B and BIL2B have been very kind and bought ties for H2B and groomsmen. Problem is, they're not the right colour and they look like school ties. To put it plainly, I don't like them, I don't think they'll go with the bridesmaids dresses. And I really wish I'd be consulted before they were ordered. They're official football ties of a particular team so I understand they're special, but they don't suit. How do I tell them? Do I bother? Do I wait to see if they come to that conclusion themselves when they can't get suits to go well with them?

Lucy Carter
Lucy Carter 27 Apr 2019

It's your day, you have to be happy with everything that happens. Are they reasonable people? Maybe you could try sitting them down and job talking through what your issues are? You might come to the same conclusion together, you never know unless you try.

Mary Cooper
Mary Cooper 28 Apr 2019

I'd say it definitely depends on how you think they'd react. If they are likely to be reasonable, then there's no harm in telling them that you really appreciate the help but it doesn't really fit in with the colour scheme and maybe they could return/exchange them for something in the right colour?
But if you think they'd be very upset or would make things difficult then personally I wouldn't bother! Too much hassle.

p.s. you could always 'lose' or 'forget' the ties nearer the time ;)

Tanya Alexander
Tanya Alexander 2 May 2019

It is your day. Speak to your h2b and say. Speak to them who brought them and say this but however maybe compromise wear after the photos. Wear in evening. Or maybe change to them wearing socks. It’s a nice thought and they could be horrible and not well. But just speak to them I bet they be all understanding.


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