Tina Davidson
Tina Davidson 25 Apr 2019


Do people only offer one wedding favour, ive already bought some boxes to fit our theme but whilst browsing yesterday so something else that fits perfectly so do I scrap the first lot or do people sometimes give out more than one lot of favours ? And do these go on the tables or are they given out when people leave?

Lesley Greenaway
Lesley Greenaway 26 Apr 2019

My cousin gave out mini bottles of buckfast and her husband is English so gave out Eccles cake. They looked amazing as well, they were on the tables as we sat down for our meals. I set up a wedding venue last year also and put the favours into two baskets for the bride to hand out at her request.

Rachael Camborne-Paynter
Rachael Camborne-Paynter 26 Apr 2019

You can give out as many as you wish :) My sister gave each guest 2 x

Lucy Carter
Lucy Carter 27 Apr 2019

It's your day, you can do as many as you want. Generally I found that the favour is at the table as you sit down for the wedding breakfast. Maybe do one for the day guests at the tables then a basket of second ones which any evening only guests can also have?

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 1 May 2019

If you can afford this other thing then go for it xx and i would put them on the table xx


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