Emma Marsh
Emma Marsh 23 Apr 2019

Wedding help!

Hi I need some advice from the group... I keep stressing on and off about my evening reception/wedding breakfast. I have 30 people for the ceremony and a sit down meal and then another 20 ish for a night do (total 50) it's mainly family who are not going to want to dance and there is not guarantee the other 20 odd will come... In fact expecting at least 7 not to. Anyway what reception ideas does everyone have? I've got an actual wedding place in mind but don't feel it is worth paying for it for a night which you could have in a living room! Help!

Hayley Doyle
Hayley Doyle 25 Apr 2019

Maybe look for a nice restaurant or country pub where they can accommodate for 50 people. Country pubs can be a nice alternative as people can leisurely drink and sit where they wish and who they wish 👍

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 1 May 2019

Why not look for a nice pub with a function room or a nice restaurant xx


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