UKbride Member Request 21 Apr 2019

Bridesmaid plus one!

Hi ladies, need some help! I have three bridesmaids, one of whom is my sister. I have included her boyfriend as a plus one, no issues there. One of my other bridesmaids is in a long term and serious relationship, she has said she wouldnt take offense to her partner just being invited to the reception however, Ive had a change of heart and would like him to be invited all day. My third bridesmaid is single. She has spoken about various options for her plus one including a friend of hers. I am reluctant to allow a plus one for her to just invite anyone, if she had a boyfriend this would be different, but im conscious shes the only one without a plus one, whats the best thing to do?

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 22 Apr 2019

We have invited peoples partners only and not giving plus ones out to day. We have however said in the evening as we have more numbers for evenings if they want to bring someone they are more than welcome to come in evening.

Mary Cooper
Mary Cooper 22 Apr 2019

Hey, personally I would let her bring a friend or someone of her choice to the whole day. Maybe you could ask to meet the person she wants to bring first so you're more comfortable? I think if she wants a plus one as well as the other bridesmaids, it's sort of only fair? Regardless of whether she's single or not.

But it's your day! You still need to be comfortable with whoever is coming.
Good luck! xx

Anstice Pryse-Hawkins
Anstice Pryse-Hawkins 25 Apr 2019

I've told friends and family that only partners/people I've met (or for my family my grandma's met) and liked are acceptable as plus ones.
I simply said that I don't want strangers at my wedding as we want it to be like a family party.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 1 May 2019

It's your choice do you want to be paying money for some one you possibly don't know you cant please everyone x


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