UKbride Member Request 16 Apr 2019

Venue price increase

Hey all, I'm looking at booking a venue and am currently viewing my short list after internet shopping. Does anyone know the reason for the price increase when booking future years. For instance if I book 2019 it's around 500 cheaper than 2020 and 1000 cheaper than 2021. Is this just what we expect weddings to cost in those years or is it because i am booking in advance, like.if i waited until 2020 to book 2021 would the proce for 2021 be cheaper? Advice welcomed x

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 18 Apr 2019

It's because they are expecting costs to be more so they charge you more. The price wont go down. You cam ask for discount if you pay more of a deposit or ask them if they can reduce. If you dont ask you dont get.

Lucy Carter
Lucy Carter 19 Apr 2019

Yeah, it's because the prices for everything overall go up year after year because of inflation. As much as you book now, they won't actually be getting anything until the year of.

Lesley Greenaway
Lesley Greenaway 26 Apr 2019

Our chosen venue are charging us their 2020 brochure price. Only because they haven't updated it yet and when we viewed it last week we were told they would honour the prices. I'm really glad because it's stunning and we both fell in love with it


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