UKbride Member Request 26 Mar 2019

Friends stressing me out

I know it can sound a bit overreacting but I can't help it...we are getting married abroad in a small village where public transport is not very available and taxis are hard to get, need to call them and depending on availability you can have one or not. WE have arranged special rates with 2 hotels, being the max price per night £60 for a double room and also are having buses to go fro those hotels to the wedding and back...My H2B friends are thinking of getting a villa, and the kind of villa they want is 50 mins by public transport and they have to take 2 buses and with limited times...they are all ushers and I think they should be somewhere near us...I'm from the area so I know what I'm talking about in terms of transportation...I know that at the end it's their problem but I can't help it to worry that either they will arrive late or that they will be stuck in the venue at 4 am when the wedding finishes...



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