Sofia Sanchez-Langton
Sofia Sanchez-Langton 22 Mar 2019

What can I plan now?

My H2B and I are having our wedding in May 2020 in Kefalonia, Greece. To help with planning we have also hired a Wedding Planner. She's advised us that we don't actually need to do anything until 6 months prior so we can relax for the time being. I'm trying to think of things to do before December - I've already sent Save the Dates, got my wedding dress and shoes and bridesmaids outfits. My H2B is sorting the grooms outfit and what music to have for the reception. I feel like there should be more that I could do in between now and December. Is there anything I haven't thought of?

Hayley Wright-Mitchell
Hayley Wright-Mitchell 22 Mar 2019

Maybe look into the legal side of things? Will your marriage be recognised here? And if not, you need to research what you need to do to make it so.

Laura Clegg
Laura Clegg 22 Mar 2019

Wedding favours, wedding gifts, seating plan? Things to do as a wedding group in kefalonia. Maybe think about how you want your wedding invites to look.

Natalie Lloyd
Natalie Lloyd 22 Mar 2019

Make a note of anything you wanna put on gift list, look at cake designs, flavours, flowers, plus anything that you may wanna do back home to celebrate, (if you are doin anything) x

Danielle Thomson
Danielle Thomson 22 Mar 2019

Favours, gifts for wedding party, hair styles make up styles any extras u want as entertainment on your day xx

.Melanie Brice
.Melanie Brice 22 Mar 2019

Who have you hired for wedding planner if you don't mind me asking. I'm having a nightmare with mine, booked the date, venue etc and now being told the hotel can't accommodate me my partner and our 5 children.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Mar 2019

Organise wedding party for when you get back if you are having one!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Mar 2019

I’m getting married this May but have been engaged to my H2B for 2 years so I know how you feel I was so excited I wanted to start doing things straight away. Just enjoy doing little idea boards or maybe playing around with table designs etc, just cute fun things to make the time go quicker!
Great choice of Kefallonia by the way, it’s beautiful!! X

Rebecca Parry
Rebecca Parry 22 Mar 2019

Sort the rings

Hayley Marden
Hayley Marden 23 Mar 2019

Ring and favours ... get together ideas

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 Mar 2019

any gifts you want to buy your team? find ideas for hair and make up, all the sweet things that are just extra things.


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