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Getting legally married on a different day

We booked our wedding almost 2 years in advance and I’ve been actively trying to contact the registrar ever since. Only now am I getting through and I’ve found out that apparently the registrars only have 2 times available for our wedding day (which we’ve already booked and paid for in full) which is in October 2020. We cannot change the date because we’ve booked a lot of things already, but also it’s our anniversary so it’s extremely sentimental to us. Has anyone ever just had a blessing on their wedding day and legally got married in a basic ceremony a few days after? I’ve been so upset at the thought of it. I don’t understand why we can’t have a registrar which is down the road in a different district. I also don’t know why there isn’t such thing as private registrars who can legally marry you. If anyone has had their ceremony and legally married on a different day in a basic ceremony, can you tell me how it went? It will ruin my day as I will know we aren’t legally married on the day. That’s the only reason we are getting married, is to just be married to each other. It’s not for the big grand day, but we have a big amount of friends and family across the UK and we’ve paid for the venue now and everything is pretty much booked. I’ve been trying to contact the registrar since we booked in January and only now I’m getting a response, but apparently all of the other times were booked over a year ago?!

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Nathalie Davies
Nathalie Davies 20 Mar 2019

Can I add, the two times don’t work for the venue, one is way too early and one is way too late *** I can’t edit the post...


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