UKbride Member Request 12 Mar 2019


Hi, I was wondering if anyone has dealt with the same thing and knows how to deal with it. Im getting a little stressed with to many people telling me how to have my wedding, giving their idea's and not listening to mine or saying no to my idea's. Its my wedding and im not sure how to nicely say it them. Thanks in advance xx

Kimberley Joyce
Kimberley Joyce 12 Mar 2019

I'd just smile and nod along and then do it your way. It's your day huni, if they get out of hand politely remind them that it's your day and they can keep their ideas for their own wedding lol xx

Donna Eade
Donna Eade 13 Mar 2019

Totally agree with Kimberley, Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion and most will give it to you even if you don't ask. a 'Thanks I'll consider that' and change the subject.

Anstice Pryse-Hawkins
Anstice Pryse-Hawkins 13 Mar 2019

My mum keeps trying to get us to change our venue, ideas, even the county we're thinking about. I keep just saying, 'that's not really us'
'that's not the vibe we're going for'
'we simply can't afford XYZ'

Nichola Latham
Nichola Latham 14 Mar 2019

I told them unless you’re paying for the whole thing then I will do it my way.

Laura Stewart
Laura Stewart 14 Mar 2019

Just thank them for their ideas and say that you will pop it in your ideas book

Just don’t share what you are doing and have everything how the two if you want it on the day x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Mar 2019

"Thank you for your input" then do what you were going to do anyway. Tune it out and stop asking people what they think

Karolina Kozak
Karolina Kozak 15 Mar 2019

I understand how you feel, we also get a lot of unwanted advice and opinions. I just pretend to be interested and carry on doing my own thing. And we are still in the early stages of planning the wedding so I imagine it will get more intense as we get closer to the actual day. I’m just trying to ignore it but worried about my partner as he is easily persuaded normally so really don’t want people manipulating him into doing stuff that we don’t want. I suppose we just need to stay strong willed. It’s your and your partner’s day and you should do it the way you both want it. I’m keeping to that 🙂.


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