UKbride Member Request 11 Mar 2019

Venue enquiry

Hello! I am getting married at Branxholm Park House in Hawick next year. Just wondering if anyone else has booked this venue? Or if anyone has been to a wedding there ???? thanks you!

Hannah Bloxham
Hannah Bloxham 12 Mar 2019

I spoke to the owner at The Edinburgh Wedding Fair and it seems fantastic. We want to go for a more DIY wedding so didn’t look any further into it. I would be interested to see what it’s like

Emma Fielding
Emma Fielding 13 Mar 2019

I've never been to a wedding there but I have stayed there before for a family event - it's a beautiful house and setting, and definitely enough room to have loads of people staying there without being on top of each other. The owners catered for a meal one night for us all, and it was all in all a really enjoyable stay. I think it would be lovely for a wedding - congratulations and good luck on the day!


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