UKbride Member Request 6 Mar 2019

Change of heart about venue

Help please :( I feel like I’m having doubts about our reception venue. When I saw it I loved it. However since then we have had issues- rude staff, lack of organisation etc. I feel so guilty but I don’t think I love it anymore. I’m looking at picture and just thinking it’s horrid. Plus it’s completely different to what I ever wanted. If we cancel we lose the deposit of £750. I don’t know what to do :(

Emma Peacock
Emma Peacock 7 Mar 2019

There are two questions to ask yourself...
Can you picture yourself on your wedding day there? When you picture it are you happy? If not, then it's not the place you want to remember when you think of your wedding day xxx

Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce 7 Mar 2019

I agree with Emma, £750 is a lot of money, but in the end is it, if you know you will be happier not being there?

Kayleigh E Alman
Kayleigh E Alman 7 Mar 2019

We lost a total of £2000 because we no longer liked our venue and chose another one.. do what you think is best x

Kirsty Neilan
Kirsty Neilan 7 Mar 2019

Best to cancel. If ur not happy with it now. Worse to go ahead then u could regret it forever x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

Personally I would stick with it, it’s a lot of money to lose. I felt the same about my venue which only had a £500 deposit and we stuck with because of our budget and it ended up being lovely. It wasn’t perfect but then I realised we could have gone somewhere else and had issues too.

Natalie Lloyd
Natalie Lloyd 7 Mar 2019

Id go on a showcase evening if your venue holds them, see it all dressed up and try goin with fresh eyes take someone with you i.e. mom/bridesmaid. Someone who will be honest. If you still feel the same id change venue and lose deposit. Yes its a lot of money but it would just mean that you would have to cut out something else in your wedding that you can do yourselves or do without. Best of luck, its horrible having doubt xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

I would confront the management first before deciding whether or not to cancel. If you're saying the main issues are rude staff and lack of organisation then I'd play hard ball with them. Tell them the service you're receiving is not acceptable, and that no one is listening to how you want things to look, and also make them think you're prepared to cancel it all and advise others not to use their venue due to lack of professionalism. Maybe then they'll start to wise up and listen to you!

Debbie Osborne
Debbie Osborne 7 Mar 2019

depends if you can afford to lose that amount of money...If you cant then you just need to make the best of it...its the people around you that make your wedding day...x

Nichola Latham
Nichola Latham 7 Mar 2019

Depends if you are overly bothered about losing the deposit. Personally if it was me I would be pissed off with my self the whole time for losing the money and wouldn’t enjoy myself. £750 is a lot for me but if you can afford to lose it and not regret it then change venues. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

I would agree with Robyn Gregg and see what management says if no changes then cancel as it will spoil your amazing wedding day, which should be the best day of your life. I would also ask for deposit back if its the attidue of staff and not just the venue location. Can I ask where it is as I am currently also looking x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

Is it best to lose 750 and have summit you want than to have day ruined and all that money then wastes
Good luck 🤞

Alyssa Cormier
Alyssa Cormier 7 Mar 2019

The question is what is the reason you once loved it and you don’t love it anymore?? What if you could fix the reason you don’t love it still. If it’s because you don’t like the staff and you think their rude? And when you look at pictures that’s jading the way you feel about the venue. Maybe you could tell them you are thinking of cancelling because they aren’t meeting your needs. They may do a complete turn around and then that will make you love the venue again. Just a thought, hope you figure it out ❤️

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

If you go to Another hotel and enquire about ur wedding there usually they will knock the 750 off if u show them a receipt from ur current hotel to get ur business they would do that in derry and donegal all the time dog eat dog

Rachel Doxey
Rachel Doxey 7 Mar 2019

If you have doubts then I would talk to them and explain the issues your having and if they make no change then I would look at changing

Bethany Hardcastle
Bethany Hardcastle 7 Mar 2019

In my opinion it's a lot if money to lose yes you want your day to be brilliant and it will be no matter where it is or what it looks like your still marring the person you love and sharing it with people who love both of you and it's what happens after the wedding what counts the most not the day it's self xx

Cat Cubitt
Cat Cubitt 7 Mar 2019

Can you tell us the venue? £750 is nothing in the grand scheme of things. If the venue are going to ruin your day then have a look somewhere else if it makes you feel better offer 750 less to the next venue. Just say, I’m only changing venues if you’ll deduct the deposit I’ll lose on my other place. Worst they can say is no.

Syra Houlston
Syra Houlston 7 Mar 2019

Money is just paper memories are what counts .. I know it's alot of money to lose but it's your wedding day and you should make it as special as you can because in years to come when u look back you should have absolutely no regrets and lots of perfect memories

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

Definitely speak to management as they should be able to assist on any issues you have with staff etc. If you are still not satisfied then don't stick with it if on the day it's going to make you unhappy and not enjoy yourself. But give it a chance first it's a lot of money I lose.

Rachael Steele
Rachael Steele 7 Mar 2019

At the end of the day if your having issues with them now then how stressed are you going to be closer to the time? I would approach them first and tell them all your worries, if nothing changes then I would loose the deposit. What’s the point in spending thousands in order to save £750 at a venue your not really happy with!? Good luck! X

Debby O'Gorman
Debby O'Gorman 7 Mar 2019

I would find the name of the MD or most senior manager and write a priv & conf letter to him explaining your feeling and asking for the return of your deposit. They prob don’t want you going around bad mouthing them and leaving bad reviews.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

I had the same problem; the venue took weeks to reply to room booking requests, simple requests for information and after 6 months of it I had enough and requested my £1,000 deposit back. They didn’t argue because they knew they hadn’t provided a good enough service (if any) and constantly gave poor excuses. I honestly think it was a blessing in disguise and now we’ve brought the wedding forward, reduced the scale and we’re so happy because it’s more ‘us’. If I were you, I would raise your concerns and request your deposit back. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

Maybe talk to a manager about your concerns?

Christine Lambert
Christine Lambert 7 Mar 2019

We had booked our venue and had a deposit down of £500. After a few months we decided that it just wasn't what we wanted at all and had rushed in to it. We cancelled it and asked very nicely if there was any chance of getting some of the money back even though the contract stated it was non refundable. They happily gave us 50% back so it is definitely worth asking - the worst they can say is no!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Mar 2019

We put a deposit on a venue, after asking about service and what the money paid for they refunded. Ask, consider and the do what is right in your heart x

Stacey Gill
Stacey Gill 8 Mar 2019

I agree, speak to the manager of the venue before making any decisions. See if they're willing to do better or what they're willing to do to help make your day add special as you deserve.
Yes you're massing the person you love and it's going to be an amazing day not master the venue but you deserve to have pliable and helpful staff to make you're day easier.
If you can manage without the £750 deposit and can find a better venue then after speaking to the massager you still want to do so then do it.
If you can't afford it then ask your bridal party (primarily the maid of honour) to help be an intermediary/go between to help alleviate your pressure

Rachel Pitt
Rachel Pitt 9 Mar 2019

We cancelled our original venue for similar reasons. I would look around and see if there’s anywhere else you like better or just as much and if there is, get that booked before you cancel!

Michelle Memerton
Michelle Memerton 9 Mar 2019

I have a similar problem except we’ve paid £2000. I still like the venue (I never loved it but it’s the compromise we came to due to financial restraints) but they are unorganised and all over the place. I called to pay for the overnight accommodation and they said they have no such booking. They also quoted a booking made for other rooms which they had in my name for another day which wasn’t me. I have to wait until the relevant management is available so for now just hanging in limbo.

Suzanne Marie
Suzanne Marie 10 Mar 2019

I'd rather waste £750 over happy wedding day memories. That said, I would try and get my money back 😉

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Mar 2019

I would speak to the manager and express your concerns about rude staff and lack of organisation. In my mind, this is enough reason in itself to be able to cancel and receive your deposit back as it is their fault! Good luck!


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