UKbride Member Request 19 Feb 2019

Personalised bridal gowns

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent site for personalised dressing gowns for the bridal party. Thanks!

Hayley Baxter
Hayley Baxter 20 Feb 2019


UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Feb 2019

Print me Wright on here, Emily can you do these?

Sarah Saunders
Sarah Saunders 20 Feb 2019 they even do disney writing.. its where im getting my robes

Carolyn Thomas
Carolyn Thomas 20 Feb 2019

Personique on facebook. Lovely choice and great prices xx

Kerrie Chandler
Kerrie Chandler 20 Feb 2019

I ordered mine off Etsy x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Feb 2019

Little locket & Co. on Facebook is good!

Kayleigh Moulding
Kayleigh Moulding 20 Feb 2019

Asda got some for £4 each if your on a budget x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Feb 2019

I met the lady at a wedding fayre recently she was lovely and they personalise the gowns etc... definitely recommend them. They’ve also said if you can’t see something on their site to email. They can’t get everyone it. Plus small business owners to support

Amy Richardson
Amy Richardson 20 Feb 2019

I created my own (I actually did hoodies instead) with iron on transfers from Flora & Bea Crafts - much cheaper and personalised and made to your requirements 🙂 you can get cheap dressing gowns from primark - sorted!

Amanda Howcroft
Amanda Howcroft 20 Feb 2019

I'm looking forward to receiving mine from Beautiful Bespoke Gifts

Danielle Ingram
Danielle Ingram 20 Feb 2019

A Little Love she’s on Facebook xx

Julia Barnes
Julia Barnes 20 Feb 2019

Etsy have loads

Michelle Goldsworthy
Michelle Goldsworthy 20 Feb 2019

I got mine from Etsy and i love them

Chantelle Ridout
Chantelle Ridout 21 Feb 2019

Etsy is really good for personalised bits 💕


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