Briony Learmond
Briony Learmond 15 Feb 2019

Destination Wedding Photographer

Hello My Fiance and I are getting married Saturday 4th July 2020 in Brittany France. My parents own a beautiful house there which we have grown up visiting for many years, the local area is stunning and what real rural France looks like. I sometimes describe it as French Cornwall with better food and wine! My parents house has around a couple of acres of garden which is where we are planning to hold the main festivities alongside the local church for our ceremony and lunch in the oldest restaurant in Brittany. We would much rather have a UK photographer with us to capture our day/weekend and it could be a wonderful opportunity for you to visit and work in a new part of the world for free. But wedding photography is inherently an expensive part of any wedding and we cannot justify paying for a wedding package and the travel and accommodation of the photographer, so we are offering to pay for your weekend with us in fabulous food and wonderful wine, a comfortable bed and your means of getting here. The wedding will be held over the whole weekend starting Friday with dinner and finishing Sunday with a BBQ and lots of wonderful things in between. I know that this is a somewhat unconventional wedding and offer but if you fancy doing something a little different that won't cost you anything please let me know as we would love to welcome you into our celebrations. Look forward to hearing from you. Briony and Alex



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