Sarah Reeves
Sarah Reeves 19 Jan 2019


I'm getting married in August and now I'm looking for a dress but I'm finding it hard to find do i just try a ton on do i get a custom one made what is a good price my budget isn't to high any suggestions

Zoe Buck
Zoe Buck 20 Jan 2019

I would visit bridal shops, tell them your budget and style you're after if you know and allow them to find you options then try on from there. I don't think you really know until you try them on

Kerry Jones
Kerry Jones 20 Jan 2019

I set a few days with appointments in bridal shops. Keep an open mind tho, I thought I knew what I wanted. I Went in stating my budget, went down the whole rail saying why I liked or disliked on nearly every dress. Ended up with 12 to try on. Again with each once they were on stated likes and dislikes as none seemed “the one” - lady in shop took what I said and gave me a dress I had said no too, but we were there wasn’t going to harm trying it, and that was the dress I got 🥰. You really are not going to know unless you try

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019


Emily Morrey-McGrath
Emily Morrey-McGrath 21 Jan 2019

I went to wed2be and tried on one of each style. They were so helpful and friendly. No appointment necessary and prices are reasonable. I was intending to buy one from there but saw a dress at the national wedding show which was the style I'd settled on and was 50% off bringing it to a similar price range as the wed2be dresses. My budget isnt huge either but you can still find the perfect dress 🙂

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

Try on lots of different styles, but quickly.. some dresses take 9 months to arrive!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

If you have a bridal outlet near you like Wed2b its a great way to find out what style you like, there is no pressure to buy and ypu can try on numerous different style dresses. I found it so helpful

Rachel Connell
Rachel Connell 21 Jan 2019

Go to wed2b they have a load of gorgeous dresses at a reasonable prices

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

Try an outlet like Wed2be If you have one near. Just choose a range and then narrow it down to what you’re after. I got mine for a very good price. Most of there dresses are under £600 I think xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

Wed2b is a fantastic shop, lots of dresses lots of different sizes!!!! I found 'the one' straight away!!!!

Louise Newson
Louise Newson 21 Jan 2019

I scrolled websites for weeks working out what style I wanted based on what suited my figure! So when I went to my first bridal shop I has a few dresses I could tell them I liked and they worked with that. Tried on one I loved and it looked awful but managed to find one I loved on first day of actual shopping! I think as long as you have a couple of silhouettes in mind, just jump in and see what you like. Don't get your heart set on one specific dress but don't try on loads without really knowing why you do or don't like it. Ask yourself do you want clean and simple or detailed do you want princess and big or fitted, if you have an idea you will find it without trying on loads and taking the fun out of shopping for it! Good luck!x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

As above wed2be are fab and I found my dress after only trying on three. And I really was worried as I'm not a girlie girl and a short arse too but as soon as I had on that dress I knew it was the one. Good luck in finding your dream dress

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

Try Etsy. Haven't tried them myself but Gucidesigns have great reviews and gorgeous dresses.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

Visit lots of bridal shops!
I stated budget and discussed cheap options. I was told if I fitted off the shelf also cheaper. I tried on so many didn’t know what I liked. The one my mum and the lady chose which I hated ended up being the one

Laurisa Kerr
Laurisa Kerr 21 Jan 2019

I say look in line c wat style u like watch thing like say yes to the dress I got mine frm wed2be an amazing shop good quality good variety of styles fantastic coustomers service

Julie Kinghorn
Julie Kinghorn 21 Jan 2019

I set up some appointments at 3 places. Once you find a style you like you will know. I had budget of 1000 and was within it including fitting :-). There are lots of nice dresses and you don't have to pay a lot. Think about after too as cleaning and boxed is around 150 to 200 pound. I've chosen to sell mine to give give someone a cheap, quality dress at good price. To Have and To Hold in Mirfield were fantastic

Maddi Ilott
Maddi Ilott 21 Jan 2019

Wed2B 100%, incredible dresses for great prices - I had no idea what I wanted, having never thought about it, and I found it so helpful to go there and look through racks and racks of dresses instead of the usual boutique ranges.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

I bought my dress from wed2b yesterday! I spent a few hours trying on so many different styles and quickly narrowed it down to exactly what I wanted. I knew it was the right one when I put it on and the staff were so lovely and helpful at managing to find a dress that had all the components I realised I wanted! ️ have fun!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Jan 2019

Thank you so much everyone for advice I have made a few appointments and I'm gonna pop into wed2be next month , I wish you all an amazing wedding and congratulations

Margaret Orr
Margaret Orr 22 Jan 2019

Tbh I got mine on Ebay xxxxxxx

Bethany Hardcastle
Bethany Hardcastle 22 Jan 2019

I got mine on ebay look on my profile pic that's mine brand new made to measure and was only 109 pounds

Charlotte Wright
Charlotte Wright 22 Jan 2019

I would also say look at WED2B. :)

Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce 25 Jan 2019

I would look at bridal shops. I got my dress in the sale under what I was prepared to pay for it and they were just so helpful. That is there job so even if you went there to try dresses on to find information on what you like etc and get the dress in a different way. Also my SIL got her dress from Wed2B and said her experience there was fantastic!


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