Samantha Philpot
Samantha Philpot 14 Jan 2019

Ladies, I never realised how expensive a wedding actually was! Any tips on...

Ladies, I never realised how expensive a wedding actually was! Any tips on getting good deals or cheaper ways

Beth Wright
Beth Wright 15 Jan 2019

I understand completely. Going through it myself and, ideally, if I could splash out on all the luxuries I wanted I would've done so. But in the real world it's just not do-able. I would say sit down and discuss what are the most important things to both of you, make a list in order of importance and I'd say spend the money on the important things and try to make savings on things that maybe aren't as essential. An example for me was I really loved a certain venue and I would've loved the cars to take me there. In the end I decided it wasn't really important how I got there as long as I got there so ditched the antique cars. I love the handmade invitations available, but at £3.50 min. each, I decided this was not an essential, as long as people knew the date and venue, did I need to pay hundreds? I used Vistaprint and quite enjoyed designing my own and saved loads. I also needed lanterns for the aisle at the venue, the type I was looking at cost on average £25 each. I joined a Facebook buy and sell group and got 8 for £60, so this is a good way too. Some venues offer packages that are very reasonable too. Could you marry on a weekday- this could be a huge saving too. I ordered a menu per table rather than per guest. I am in the middle of creating an 'order of service' poster, rather than individually printed copies. This only works because I'm in a hotel, rather than a church. Best of luck to you. Happy planning :-)


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