UKbride Member Request 7 Jan 2019


We’re looking at getting married August 2023. When should we start planning and booking and where should we start?

Charley Standing
Charley Standing 7 Jan 2019

Buy a wedding planner diary it tells you what order you should have things done in and when to do them normally start about a year before your big day! Start with location first once you book you have a day to work too x

Hayley Newman
Hayley Newman 13 Jan 2019

We started planning around 16 months before. First off started with a rough estimate of how many people you are planning on inviting.

Then venue - can the venue fit the amount of people you want?

Photographer etc can get booked out quite far in advance so we did that abut a year before as well.

We’re 4 months out now and just doing the final touches.


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