UKbride Member Request 2 Jan 2019

Can anyone help. Went to travel agents to maybe book wedding for 2021 and...

Can anyone help. Went to travel agents to maybe book wedding for 2021 and was told that they can't book a wedding for then until 18 months prior. We both have family that need at least two years to save or to see if they want a different hotel etc. Can anyone help a bride to be out

Mel Brown
Mel Brown 2 Jan 2019

Would it be possible to speak to your guests now and they can start saving before you book? Alternatively, I’ve always highly rated TrailFinders for specialised holidays, I’m sure they can book in advance but the tricky thing is for most, that airlines don’t release their flights until 18 months beforehand so you might struggle, but worth a shot to ask x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Jan 2019

If your family knows your getting married abroad and a rough idea of what dates your considering now then I don’t see why waiting until 18 months before should be a problem. They can save, and will be able to book and pay for deposits as soon as you book. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Jan 2019

Surely it doesn't need to be booked for your guests to be able to save, does it? Or am I missing something? 🤔 xx

Carol Smith
Carol Smith 3 Jan 2019

I booked mine in Cyprus for Aug 19 back in April 17. I have booked with a wedding company in Cyprus, so venue and service, transport, photographer etc was all booked. We booked the flights and hotel last Sept. I wanted my wedding party/guests to gave the option of staying wherever they wanted and not tied to a particular hotel

Amy Allum
Amy Allum 3 Jan 2019

I sent out RSVPs with a weeks invitation and then confirmed the actual date (within that week) closer to the time. You can’t book flights etc until a year or so before so at least they’ll have that week booked off and then the date later on. Everyone I invited managed to come with that information xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Jan 2019

Very common, even to book a honeymoon. I got married in Italy and they can only confirm your date 6months before. We told family a few months before this as it was still quite short notice and just gave them the information as we had it. After they knew what date the wedding was and what area to stay in they really didn't need much else as this all came under our planning for the day itself and they chose what day etc to fly out and for how long. Everyone was different with dates amd places they were staying to accommodate holidays if you explain to people and let them know dates when you do I'm sure they will understand xx

Kirsty Lea
Kirsty Lea 3 Jan 2019

Price up this years date add 20% on top to be on the safe side, get family and friends to start saving now xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Jan 2019

We married last year in Cyprus. We booked our wedding direct with the hotel that had their own wedding planners/coordinators and managers. We found this to be a great deal cheaper than booking with travel agents as we cut out the middle man. Maybe see if this is an option as they were able to confirm or booking/wedding date within 24hrs xx

Laura Roby
Laura Roby 4 Jan 2019

You can buy a gift card and ask your guests to start putting money onto that each month. As soon as the holiday becomes available they can then pay a chunk off it x

Nicole Watkins
Nicole Watkins 4 Jan 2019

Go direct instead of with a travel agent, will work out a lot cheaper and you get a much better service x


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