UKbride Member Request 11 Dec 2018

What type of music is generally liked by all?

I’m looking into hiring a band for our wedding, and know obviously people like different types of music. I love rock but don’t think that will go down too well! Has anyone else had to make this decision?

Michelle Firth
Michelle Firth 12 Dec 2018

My wedding is in April 2019, and I too love rock music, so I have got a DJ who will play a bit of everything and has Karoke as well, my advice would be try and find a local or band near to you, that will play a bit of everything, but remember your day and if you want a band that plays rock and will play other stuff it is a win win situation, hope this helps you hun.x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Dec 2018

Hey, I am into rock too! We did loads of searching to find a band which would be a crowd pleaser. We found a band called Wildcard through entertainment nation (you can listen to demos on the entertainment nation website) and they were absolutely incredible! Their set list is on the website they do loads from rock to pop etc and you can tailor the playlist to suit you and your guests. They were rocky but not too rocky and learned our first dance song. They kept the party going all night and there wasn’t a moment where the dance floor wasn’t full! I can’t recommend them enough, especially to someone into rock!

Andrea Allison
Andrea Allison 30 Dec 2018

Yes. We are having a band which plays two fourty minute sets and a disco. We wanted something different. Our band plays anything from Rock to pop, old and new. Cant wait


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