UKbride Member Request 9 Dec 2018

I’m just going through the guest list and who I want to come to the...

I’m just going through the guest list and who I want to come to the wedding. I’m wondering if I should invite an old friend, I’ve not seen her in ages as I’ve moved away and we sometimes speak on Facebook. But I’m wondering to invite her and her family. Now I don’t like her partner as he can be a bit violent and I don’t want any trouble at the wedding, but I can’t really invite just her and the kids and not him. And my h2b isn’t to kean on her. Also she knows about the wedding an will be expecting an invite. So any advice please.

Fiona Claire
Fiona Claire 10 Dec 2018

I think if your questioning it then you already know the answer.
I have a similar issue a great friend who I haven’t seen or spoke to in a long while, sent the save the date and she didn’t even message thank you, so at the moment she is off the list. Don’t waste money on people you have to question whether to invite or not

Louise Scullion
Louise Scullion 10 Dec 2018

I think an evening invitation might be suitable for them, you'd have to invite either just her or her whole family i think.

Sophie Nosworthy
Sophie Nosworthy 10 Dec 2018

If you don't see her and don't really speak, I probably wouldn't invite her. Also, if you're worried about her husband being violent, I wouldn't invite them as you'll spend your day worrying about him causing issues.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Dec 2018

Evening invite! Just explain your shirt on space for the day.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Dec 2018

There's more cons than pros don't invite her. I never understand how people can just expect an invite.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Dec 2018

No, it is your day, if both of you are not sure, don't do it because it is all about you guys.

Charlie Cullis
Charlie Cullis 10 Dec 2018

I had similar for my wedding earlier this year. Weddings are expensive yes but they are also about celebrating you as a couple and in my opinion this should be people that actively support and play a part on your relationship as a couple. This is the stance we took for day guests and then had additional in the evening. An old friend of mine doesn't talk to me anymore as I didn't send a day invite, but hadn't seen or spoken to them in 4 years, but that's fine- can't of been that bothered or would of respected our decisions! Good luck xxx

Kimberley Hall
Kimberley Hall 10 Dec 2018

I agree, evening invite only. Just say the venue only holds x amount of day guests and family has to come first on being invited. And then its only a few hours with husband there. X

Cassandra Glen
Cassandra Glen 10 Dec 2018

I wouldn't invite them. You don't see them often and you won't want the stress on your big day. It should be as relaxed, fun and stress free as possible. You don't like her partner, and your partner doesn't like her. Seems like an easy skip to me. If she gets rude about you not inviting her, she doesnt seem a true friend anyway.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 10 Dec 2018

its very hard I have a friend who my h2b doesn't really get along with I had to tell her she wasn't invited to the day but we did invite her to evening so it was a compromise I had to tell her why though as she was the only person from the old village I used to live who wasn't invited all day it was hard but I had to otherwise she would of found out on the day everyone else was there before her xx you cant please everyone

Viki Nemeth
Viki Nemeth 10 Dec 2018

We made a rule we only invite ppl whom we've seen face 2 face in the last year, this way we could cut the cost and made sure we only have ppl around us who took the time and effort to make actual face 2 face contact with us and really happy about us.

Katie Pearson
Katie Pearson 10 Dec 2018

Think of it this way - do you want to pay minimum £100 for them to come? Probably not...

Amy Measuress
Amy Measuress 22 Dec 2018

Evening invite only maybe? X


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