Donna Underhill
Donna Underhill 20 Nov 2018

I got engaged a week ago and wanna start planning my wedding as want to get...

I got engaged a week ago and wanna start planning my wedding as want to get married next year but i have no idea where to start

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

Massive congratulations to you! Venue is the best place to start I think so much of it revolves around that good luck! X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

Congrats! Get a date (church or registrar). Once youve got the date you can start to plan around that.

Alanna May
Alanna May 20 Nov 2018

Decide on a budget, then start viewing venues in your range x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

Congrats start with your budget then di a guest list to try and figure out how many people tou will have as this will have a big impace on price (as food and drink cost a fortune)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

I started with a budget then looked at venues, definately found packages a good idea. Once I had picked a venue we looked at available dates and then I booked my registrar (they wouldn't let me book without confirmation from hotel). From there I just built things up bit by bit xz

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

Start with your budget, then work out what you want, what you'll compromise on and what you don't mind missing out on etc. Once you know all that, even roughly, start with a venue and that will help more on what you do or don't need. Could even give you more idea on what style of dresses you need, how much flowers you want etc. Don't forget to do a rough guest list too so you have an idea on venue size and what you can afford, who can get bumped to evening etc makes a difference to your budget. Xxx

Laura West
Laura West 20 Nov 2018

Congrats!!! I would 100% recommend getting a wedding planning book! That's what I did and it's so helpful! Tells you all the time scales for everything :) I got mine from paperchase ❤

Heather Durrant
Heather Durrant 20 Nov 2018

Congratulations. Bride book app is useful. I like to use it to check off the to do list.
Guest list is a first as that will help determine venues.
We created a spreadsheet and record everything. I got engaged in May and we are getting married in August 2019. Pretty much everything is done. Get dress shopping as soon as you know the venue. I went and ordered mine last month and should be ready by March and then fittings x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

I started with looking at venues, as you’re looking for next year you’ll need to start looking as soon as possible as most get booked up in advance. Have fun!

Katie Pearson
Katie Pearson 20 Nov 2018

Congrats 😍😍
I made the mistake of looking at venues before deciding guest list - they would ask me how many people and I didn't know which then impacted the room/venue types I could have so a lot of quotes were over estimated (which then put the fear in me for the cost!)

Just roughly make a guest list
Think about what kind of wedding do you want. An example for me is i wanted outdoor games and some venues I liked wouldn't allow this. A lot of my family is travelling so I wanted the reception to be at a hotel.

Treat yourself to a magazine and start a scrap book. The Bride book app is something I use for key dates of things to book. I've recommended this to a few friends and they've used it too.

Lastly. Have fun and enjoy it xxxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

Start with a budget and thinking about what kind of wedding you want. Think about size, approximate number of guests, type of ceremony, reception, all-in-one venue, indoors/outdoors etc. Talk through things with your fiancé because the last thing you want is to be on completely different wavelengths. You don't want conflict before you tie the knot. Then start looking at venues. Make sure you choose somewhere that offers what you want... not just what they want to offer you. Once you've decided on your venue provisionally book your date until you can confirm registrar or church etc. The last thing you want is to book your venue and then have no one to marry you. The rest will fall into place. Books and apps are great and have just a few good friends/family members to advise you. Too many opinions can become difficult and lead to being pulled along instead of being in control.

Congratulations... let the fun begin. I loved planning my wedding. In fact after I got married I missed having something to plan and look forward to.

Bonnie Ramsey
Bonnie Ramsey 20 Nov 2018

Bridebook is amazing 😁 but first things first, my advice is to take a piece of paper each and write down the 3 most important things to you and have you partner do the same so peeking or talking about it,then compare lists. Whatever is on both your lists that matches is where you should focus your money 😃. Eg if music is high on both lists get an amazing DJ, if food is high on both then you get to stuff your faces. That way you can both have the wedding of your dreams as you know what’s important on the day. Makes planning so much easier as you know where to penny pinch and where to splurge. Good luck and have loads of fun planning together x

Jade Pelham
Jade Pelham 20 Nov 2018

Congratulations Start with a budget definitely, then a guestlist, it makes a huge impact. We looked at venues with a rough idea of guest numbers but no budget and it's turning out quite pricey. Meals per head at my venue start at 40 and then evening at 7 so 50 guests came to 2500 ish without any drinks or evening guests. It will be so worth it though! I also think bride book is amazing xx

Sophie Nosworthy
Sophie Nosworthy 20 Nov 2018

Definitely sit down with your fiancè/fiancèe and think about if you want a church wedding or a ceremony at the same venue as the reception, as churches can get booked up quickly!
Also work out what you can afford to save each month towards your wedding and you should be able to work out a budget from there x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

Venue u first always

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Nov 2018

If you are planning to honeymoon straight after the wedding think about where you want to go as that could dictate when you marry. We need to fly out on a Sunday morning for ours so decided to hold the wedding on a Friday so we didn’t have to rush off. Also going to the Caribbean so decided on earlier in the year to avoid hurricane season.
Congratulations xx

Fiona Claire
Fiona Claire 21 Nov 2018

Definitely decide where you want to get married and sit down with your partner to discuss what you both wanted in the venue - like I wanted my wedding up north in my home town and my partner wanted somewhere water around it and looks good in pictures. While looking you need an approximate number of day and evening guests and if you want drinks reception and canapés etc. Once you’ve done that you need to get registrar booked and save the dates as you don’t want people you definitely want to come to of already booked holidays etc.
Then dress is the next important thing as can take 9 months to arrive so to get the dress you really want and not compromise.

Caroline Larner
Caroline Larner 21 Nov 2018

Congratulations! My advice is to decide on your guest list first so you can tailor your venue searches by size. Start visiting venues and when you've found your dream one look at what dates they have available. If it's within your means book it (you normally have a 10-14 day grace period to change your mind) and get onto your registrars to check your preferred time is available (I would suggest 2pm - plenty of time to get ready in the morning, the day flows well with no awkward gaps and it's manageable length of time).

After that go to some wedding fairs with your partner or bridal party (if you've decided/asked) to start talking to wedding photographers, DJs etc. Get the wedding photographer booked first as good ones are booked up months in advance, then the caterers (if not included in venue) and then the DJ as they also get booked up fast. Start looking for your dress too as it can take up to 9 months to arrive and you need to allow 6 weeks prior to the wedding for alterations. Send out Save the Dates so your guests have time to book the day off and pop it on their calendar. After that it's just all the fun stuff like decorations, favours, invitations, cake tasting, wine tasting, food tasting etc.

You'll have an amazing day so enjoy the process and if you're getting stressed take a break for a few days until you'e ready to face it. Good luck! :-)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Nov 2018

Congratulations!! Me too i got engaged just before Halloween this year and getting married halloween next year so im in the same boat as you but I'm super organised... id start with getting the bride book app, it tells you what you should have done and by when, it also helps you budget. I also got myself a segmented notebook. I have one section for my to do lists , one section as an address book, one section for budget etc because as much as a godsend bride book is i like to have a copy of things haha
Good luck!!

Claire Baker
Claire Baker 25 Nov 2018

Congratulations! Get an area in pub for your engagement party!


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