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Hello I’d like some friendly advice please. When I first started...

Hello I’d like some friendly advice please. When I first started planning my wedding at the beginning of the year I was only going to have two family members as bridesmaids. I have about 5 individual good/best friends. They are pretty much my social circle who I see individually. I couldn’t afford to have them all plus if I had all of them who would be waiting for me to arrive at the church. One friend boldly asked outright if she was going to be a maid. I told her no as I didn’t want to have friends as they’re all my best friends so going to stick with just family. A month later I did a spur of the moment decision I asked one of my friends (who at the time I considered the one I was closest too) to be a bridesmaid as my family said I may regret not having a friend with me on the day. I probably should have thought it through more but that’s just me. I do before I think. Now I have two of my friends upset that I didn’t ask them. One have verbally said to me her upset the other I think is giving me the silent treatment. (With that one I haven’t actually told her I’ve chosen a friend to be a maid) In fact I haven’t told a couple of them out of fear of upsetting them (I suffer with really bad anxiety) as I have been friends longer with them longer than I have the one I’ve asked. I’ve been a complete coward about it as I really don’t want people to be upset because of me! Should I message them and explain myself or do just let them find out as and when and hope they respect my choice of not asking them! It’s making me feel super stressed and at the moment I just would rather elope!! And I wish I just did that in the first place! Sorry for the essay! I need a rant as well as advice Thanks in advance.

Rione Craik
Rione Craik 11 Nov 2018

Honestly in my opinion you should do what you believe is right. At the end of the day you habe chosen one of your closest friends to be a bridesmaid and the others should respect the fact you cant afford to have them all as bridesmaid maybe explian this to them.
If they really want to that bad so i cant afford to have you all as bridesmaids as i have a tight budget but i wpuld loced to have you all as my bridesmaids this wasnt an easy decision for me. And if they are that set on being a big part of your day they will offer to pay for it


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