Kayleigh Bloomfield
Kayleigh Bloomfield 18 Oct 2018

Ive recently booked my wedding venue and registrar and was so happy. I was...

Ive recently booked my wedding venue and registrar and was so happy. I was told i would receive my confirmation from the venue which i had to chase up several times. When i eventually got a confirmation it was confirming the entirely wrong date (almost 9 months after my actual date) so after chasing it up and getting my actual date confirmed, they thought we were someone else and started talking about a trip to new york we were taking (We arent taking a trip to new york). So again i was upset. I got an apology off them and they emailed me to say our contracts are in the post but still havent received them and its been a week. Should i be worried? They have saif the actual wedding coordinator is on maternity and comes back in january so im praying the communication and service gets better. Im really worried. Our venue is beautiful and the price we are paying is great too but i just cant get excited. Anyone else having/had issues like this?

Senga Hamilton
Senga Hamilton 21 Oct 2018

I Defo keep on at them it to important to you for them to mess anything up .
Message them ever day have to make sure they got every last thing correct x

Kayleigh Bloomfield
Kayleigh Bloomfield 25 Oct 2018

Thankfully after my amazing fiance stepped in and took over before i ripped my hair out, we now have everything sorted and i can relax until next year lol


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