UKbride Member Request 8 Oct 2018

Hi all, I’m looking to make my own bouquets and centerpieces, I’d like...

Hi all, I’m looking to make my own bouquets and centerpieces, I’d like pink hydrangeas and gypsophilia. I have no idea where to start looking to purchase the flowers, I’m open to real and artificial flowers if anyone has any recommendations or advice, we’re based in Bedfordshire! Many Thanks ????

Becky Harris
Becky Harris 9 Oct 2018

Have a look at Country baskets online, there artificial flowers are very good and they deliver. Also found the prices to be very reasonable for the quality. I’ve got all my bouquet, button hole and centrepiece flowers from there x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Oct 2018

I ordered my gypsophilla from triangle nursery online

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Oct 2018

I went to cou try baskets. May have been a mistake as bought loads of other things but got all the flowers I needed x

Bethan Heron
Bethan Heron 9 Oct 2018

I used for my artificial flowers and she was so helpful she got in more stock of the flowers just for me and was so helpful

Roxie Houghton
Roxie Houghton 9 Oct 2018

Hit one of the flower markets in London! It's super cheap Nd as long as you don't mind getting up early there's loads to choose from! I'm based in Hertfordshire and this is what I'm planning to do!

Michelle Goldsworthy
Michelle Goldsworthy 9 Oct 2018

This is my set up, now with less sticky out lights and silk rose petals sprinkled up the middle of the table too, you can get really good fakes now, I got the flowers from ikea

A member uploaded image

Claire Louise Inns
Claire Louise Inns 9 Oct 2018

Harpur centre florist in Bedford X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Oct 2018

Lorna Malone (Lorna's Flowers) supplied our gypsophilia - & we bought our own buckets (Ikea) to display.

.Melanie Brice
.Melanie Brice 9 Oct 2018

Look on Amazon for the gypsophilia I'm getting some at 89p a bunch

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Oct 2018

We got most our bits from ebay as we went with fake/dried flowers that way we cod make the boquets and they wouldnt die.
If you want fresh try going to a local florists and say they are for a birthday party so they dont charge you a fortune

Emily Coe
Emily Coe 9 Oct 2018

Triangle nurseries for real flowers x

Jennifer Southern
Jennifer Southern 10 Oct 2018

I would like to get married in Cyprus

Kelly Dolan
Kelly Dolan 11 Oct 2018

We bought some artifical gypsophila, white roses and eucalyptus from Home Sense, The Range had some good quality artificial flowers too, we also bought some artificial cornflowers online from a company called Silk Blooms, they cost more than I would have liked, but they are brilliant

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Oct 2018

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Kayleigh Bloomfield
Kayleigh Bloomfield 16 Oct 2018

You can buy boxes of flowers from amazon to be put into arrangements and the range has a good selection too. Good luck!!

Senga Hamilton
Senga Hamilton 21 Oct 2018

E bay a nice selection or flowers shops as well

Kimberley Jessop
Kimberley Jessop 23 Oct 2018

The range


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