UKbride Member Request 5 Oct 2018

How do I go about changing my maid of honours? It's particularly awkward...

How do I go about changing my maid of honours? It's particularly awkward because ones my sister and the other is my mum's best friends daughter? I chose them initially as I felt pressured and I don't have a lot of female friends myself.

Ophelia Beatrice Lyon
Ophelia Beatrice Lyon 7 Oct 2018

This sounds stressful! Maybe let everyone know that you don’t want to really assign traditional ‘roles’ because you value them all as your bridesmaids? It depends if you still want them to be part of the bridal part my at all. That might be a harder task, but it is YOUR day, family seem to forget that.

Sophie Nosworthy
Sophie Nosworthy 7 Oct 2018

If you don't want maids of honour full stop, definitely just explain you want all the bridesmaids to equal and share the role and responsibility between them. If it's just you don't want them in the bridal party, you'll have to find a sensitive way to say that

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Oct 2018

I just couldn't pick a maid of honour so I assigned each bridesmaid a role; one is doing my hen party, another is doing the speech and another is our witness. Maybe you could try doing something similar?

Jaz Nokes
Jaz Nokes 12 Oct 2018

Thanks this has really helped x

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 15 Oct 2018

im not having any because I couldn't choose but you need to tell them sooner rather or later x


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