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#MEMBERREQUEST We are looking to go to the Maldives for our honeymoon...

#MEMBERREQUEST We are looking to go to the Maldives for our honeymoon straight after our wedding in June, however we have heard so many contradicting comments about what the weather is like then! Is there anyone that has been to the Maldives in June before and how much rain did you get? Thank you so much! XX

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Sep 2018

We got married 6th June (2yrs ago) and flew out to he Maldives a couple of days later.
There was a thunderstorm one night (only lasted the night), but other than that it was blue skies every day and gorgeous sunsets every evening.

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Laura Bardon
Laura Bardon 10 Sep 2018

It's meant to be monsoon season may-oct , but june is meant to be the highest chance and both times I've been (late may/ late june) it only rained once.

But other than that it's blue skies, 30-40°C weather and 28°C water!

I'd say it's just the luck of the draw!

Abbey Lawson
Abbey Lawson 10 Sep 2018

Whatever time of year you go it will likely rain at least once but it's still warm and it's the Maldives:)

Abbey Lawson
Abbey Lawson 10 Sep 2018

We go on Sunday and everytime I've looked it says thunderstorms haha but I love a thunderstorm x

Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 10 Sep 2018

We got married on 7th June 2017 and flew out the next day. We were there 10 days and had 1 day with a light shower of rain. It had been forecasting thunderstorms before we went but it kept changing as we got closer and we didn't have any. However, one of the staff at the resort said that they'd had nothing but rain for the 3 weeks before we got there xx


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