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I am having a complete meltdown and really don't know what to do. I hated...

I am having a complete meltdown and really don't know what to do. I hated shopping for my wedding dress and rather than the joyful experience I thought it would be it ended up being very stressful and I completely over shopped trying on 45 dresses in total. I managed to find a gorgeous tea length dress, which was my dream length, but there was just one issue. There is a sleeved bolero type thing over the top of the strapless dress which is stunning and really makes the dress but on the sample it was quite loose and I was concerned that it would be baggy and unsightly around the neckline and on the arms. I was assured by the dress shop that if I ordered the size down and had some minor adjustments made then it would fit perfectly so I ordered the dress despite these niggles. My dress arrived last week and I had my first dress fitting yesterday. I still love the dress but my worst fears were confirmed when I tried on the bolero and it looked even looser than the sample dress I'd tried on. The seamstress was in and said that whilst she would do what she could then it would never be perfect as the design of the bolero made it difficult to adjust. I am totally crushed. I very nearly didn't order the dress because of this issue but ultimately thought it would be OK as I was advised such but now I'm told that the one thing I was concerned can't be fixed. It's all I can focus on when I look at the dress and even though my bridesmaids said I looked stunning I felt awful and thought I looked terrible. I tried to put on a brave face to them and the shop staff but I've done nothing but think about it since yesterday and have been in tears several times today already. I've even been desperately searching online for alternative dresses although I don't really have the money to purchase another after spending £1000 on this dress. I get married in 6 weeks so have no time to do anything but am so, so worried that I will spend my wedding day feeling terrible and looking awful in every picture which will taint the whole day for me. Utterly devastated.

Elisabeth McCann
Elisabeth McCann 5 Sep 2018

I haven't started looking for a dress yet and i am dreading it to be honest as every bride wants their dress to be perfect. You could maybe look for a separate bolero that would match the dress, or even think about wearing a bridal cape/shawl instead.


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