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Honestly where do I start planning a wedding on a little budget and not sure...

Honestly where do I start planning a wedding on a little budget and not sure what I want

Beverley Hamill
Beverley Hamill 4 Sep 2018

Start by writing everything down and how much your budget is, I am also doing a budget wedding, everything will be diy

Emma Richardson
Emma Richardson 4 Sep 2018

I would say pick your date and venue first so you have a date to work with when booking anything!

Sharon Lockyer
Sharon Lockyer 4 Sep 2018

Look on pininterest for ideas, I’m making a lot of things using Ebay etc for supplies

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Sep 2018


UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Sep 2018

mid week wedding cuts your cost right down on everything

Natasha Luck
Natasha Luck 4 Sep 2018

Make your own invites and table decs! Write a budget for everything and prioritise what is most important to you x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Sep 2018

Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl Jackson 4 Sep 2018

I wrote a things that were a must have and then things that id like, then went and looked round as many venues as i could, i found a fab venue for £500 its stunning, its harder work as i have to find & organise all my own catering but works out so much cheaper. Midweek winter weddings ate also much cheaper, ive also opted for a wedding webpage over invites to cut costs as its free. Just do lots of research and join lost of local wedding fb pages to find good deals on photographers etc x

Louise Scullion
Louise Scullion 4 Sep 2018

we are budgeting too. my main aim was finding the best value reception venue. we have gone with a hall hire rather than a traditional reception venue as we can source our own vendors and keep costs down. (One venue quoted our food at £120 per head we have caterers doing it for under £15)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Sep 2018

- Mid week cuts the costs right down.
- Try venuehire or hall hire to find a venue.
- Look at the Wish app (my promo code is: jfmmnzn). Most items come from China so check the delivery times and reviews.
- Buy wholesale flowers closer to the time, go fake, or even forage some plants in season in wild meadows or forests.
- Ask a local restaurant to do catering, and try to opt for a buy your own booze bar. Aldi, Lidl, Tescos, Sainsburys, all do big discounts on booze during the year.
- ASOS, Chi Chi London, Misguided, look online for dresses, you'll be surprised what you can find for a fraction of the cost, be it wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, etc.

If I think of more, will add a reply.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Sep 2018

I found a website that does free invites, its just pdf files that you can edit and print yourself, we are doing our entire wedding on roughly 650 quid, registry office is 265 in total, but could have had it for 190 but due to commitments needed a Saturday wedding, my wedding dress is from wish, £57 in total. May end up costing slightly more but definitely less than 1000, I've been really lucky in that my sister is actually fronting the money to start with and we will be paying her back over time, mainly because she is fed up with the amount of times we have said we are doing the wedding and then cancelling it due to funds x

Donna Barber
Donna Barber 4 Sep 2018

The bride book app is really good

Sarah Sharpe
Sarah Sharpe 4 Sep 2018

Start looking at ideas to decide what you want, then work out how to get as close to as you can on your budget. You might decide flowers are far less important than having a photographer, for example. Ask yourself who can help me with what, is a friend a photographer, can an aunt make your cake. Write your guest list and then ask yourself is having everyone there important or is it more important to give more to yourselves and a select few. Don't take the first quote that a place offers, look for venues which perhaps aren't normally open on the day/time you want your wedding, they usually charge less. It's amazing what you can get for a small budget if you think and work at it. Good luck xx

Jody Marie
Jody Marie 4 Sep 2018

Definitely write a budget.
The venue is usually the most expense so look around and get midweek / off peak offers and be selective who you invite. The rest can come cheaper by looking around.
Congratulations and good luck! ❤️

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Sep 2018

Sit down with your partner and work out your priorities- what are the things you couldn’t imagine our wedding without? Those are the things you invest in. Anything else can be done on little to no money, or not at all if they’re not that important.

For us, our priorities were photographer (memories to look back on in years to come), evening entertainment (we’re both musicians and couldn’t imagine our wedding without a live band), and having as many people around us as possible.
This meant I didn’t spend all our budget on my dress, I got a friend to do my hair and makeup, bought bridesmaid dresses & shoes on sale (and through TopCashback, so got some cash back on those), had tea and cakes (made by friends) after the ceremony, we sorted table decorations ourselves, and booked a florist who was doing a deal on bouquets.

Venues are usually cheaper outside peak season (May-Sept) and not on peak days (think a weekday). If people know far enough in advance they should be able to get time off work.
Can use a wedding website for invites, details, RSVPs etc. which saves on printing costs (although here may be some older family/guests you may want/need to post something to).

And there’s lots of wedding pages on fb where people are selling on decorations etc. at a fraction of their original costs.

Elisabeth McCann
Elisabeth McCann 5 Sep 2018

Start with pinning down the venue then prioritise yoir guestlist. Food is going to be your main cost so you need to figure out how many people will be there and what your budget for food will be.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Sep 2018

Charities have wedding dress shops i.e Oxfam in Chippenham, st Peters Hospice in Westbury on Trym is where their wedding rooms are above the normal shops and what a gesture to give to charity

Steph McMillan
Steph McMillan 9 Sep 2018

What budget do you have in mind? As everyone's small budget will vary. Start by thinking of how many guests you'll want - the smaller guest numbers the smaller the cost. There's always offers at wedding shows and fayres so enjoy having a day out and attending. You can do a lot of it yourself, such as table decor
.. sites like eBay have plenty of beautiful wedding decor bargains! Hope this helps/ gives you a starting point and congratulations! Xx


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